There are several types of chapters within our parent organization, the Seventh Fleet.  The USS Ticonderoga is a Local Chapter that meets on a monthly basis.  We started out as the runabout USS Euphrates, NCC-72599 that was launched as a Chapter-in-Training off of our mothership, the USS Kelly.

Runabouts are used by the Ticonderoga and the Seventh Fleet to expand our Star Trek family into other areas.  We currently have two runabouts assigned to the USS Ticonderoga for use as future Chapters-in-Training.  We have also launched two other runabouts as well.   The status for all four runabouts are listed below.

If you are interested in launching a Chapter-in-Training in the following areas (Box Elder County, Weber County or southern Davis County), please let Captain Stark know.  There is some special training that can be provided for future Commanding Officers.  A runabout can also be awarded to members of the USS Ticonderoga who suddenly find themselves moving to an area not already covered by an existing Seventh Fleet chapter.

Chapters-in-Training would move towards Local Chapter status by holding meetings and sending back regular reports to the Ticonderoga.  If the runabout is in a nearby area, then the Chapter-in-Training would send a representative to the  Ticonderoga Senior Officer Meetings.  Once various requirements are met and agreed upon by the Ticonderoga’s Commanding Officer and Seventh Fleet Commander-in-Chief, Admiral Dennis Hollinger, the runabout would be promoted to a full starship.

USS Saint Lawrence NCC-72614

Current Status:  Available for launch

USS Saskatchewan NCC-72658

Current Status: Available for launch

USS Hudson NCC-72639

Current Status: Special assignment

Commander: Ensign Ray Meyer

Notes: Ensign Meyer’s family is currently in England.  When they return to the United States we will have another evaluation period.

USS Delaware NCC-72664

Current Status: Lost

Notes: Launched in January 2008 to serve fans in southern Davis County, the USS Delaware never completed its trial status and was marked as lost.

Proud chapter of Starfleet Command's Seventh Fleet