USS Ticonderoga, NCC-74676, Intrepid Class Starship


NAME: USS Ticonderoga


CLASS: Intrepid Class Starship

COMMISION DATE: Stardate 51102.5 (October 25, 1997)

ASSEMBLED: Earth Station McKinley

CREW COMPLIMENT: 150 (2,000 capable for Emergency Evacuation)

LENGTH: 345m

WEIGHT: 700,000 Metric-Tons


DECK COUNT: 15 (257 rooms)

NOTES/EQUIPMENT: Some of the traditional circuitry has been replaced with bio-neural gel packs that contain synthetic neural cells, speeding up response time by organizing information more efficiently.  The basic hull structure is fabricated from tritanium/duranium alloys.  The ship is capable of independent operation for about three years without refueling.  The Ticonderoga is also equipped with landing pads for planetary landing operations.  Variable Geometry Warp Nacelles eliminated the negative impact warp fields have on habitable worlds.  There are thirty-six lifeboat pods which can be ejected in an extreme emergency.


USS Intrepid, NCC-74600 (Star Trek Nemesis-Onscreen Graphic)

USS Voyager, NCC-74656 (Star Trek: Voyager-Series Regular)

USS Bellerophon, NCC-74705 (Star Trek: Deep Space NineInter Arma Enim Silent Leges)


Dedication Plaque of the USS Ticonderoga

NOTES: Presented to the Command and Crew of the USS Ticonderoga by Starfleet Command on October 25, 1997.  The Plaque included the names of  Honorable Admiral Gene Roddenberry, members of Starfleet Command’s Admiral Board and sponsoring Captains Dennis Hollinger and Richard Henline.


USS Ticonderoga Master Situation Display



1 Bridge, Ready Room, Conference Room, Escape Pod Access, Aft Bridge Airlock, Upper Sensor Platform
2 Officers’ Mess, Officers’ & VIP Quarters, Labs & Storage, Sensor Gear, Escape Pod Access
3 Captain’s Quarters, Officers’ & VIP Quarters, Photon Torpedo Trackers
4 Aft Photon Torpedo Launchers, Transporter Room 1-2, Phaser Maintenance, Sensor Gear, Escape Pod Access
5 Sickbay, Doctor’s Office, Sensor Gear, Escape Pod Access
6 Auxiliary Deflector, Auxiliary Computer Core, Escape Pod Access 6 Deuterium (Matter) Processing, Consumables Re-supply Connectors
7 Auxiliary Computer Core, Upper Cargo Bays 1-2, Labs, Escape Pod Access, RCS Thruster Access 7 Deuterium Tankage, Warp Engine Core Injector Access
8 Deuterium Processing, ODN/EPS Main Trunks, Lower Cargo Bays 1-2 8 Deuterium Tankage, Warp Engine Core, Aft Work Pod Storage
9 Cargo Loading Doors, AeroWing Shuttle Dock, Labs 9 Upper Main Shuttlebay, Warp Engine Core
10 Main Shuttlebay, Main Computer Core, Main Navigational Deflector
11 “Wing” Level: Main Engineering, Engineer’s Office, Warp Engine Core, Reserve Warp Engine Core, Main Computer Core, Main Navigational Deflector
12 Antimatter Tankage, Warp Engine Core, Main Deflector, Reserve Warp Engine Core, Escape Pod Access
13 Aft Tractor Beam Emitter, Warp Engine Core, Reserve Warp Engine Core, Crew Quarters, Labs, Escape Pod Access, Secondary ODN/EPS Trunks
14 Antimatter Processing, Reserve Warp Engine Core, Escape Pod Access, Ground Hover Footpad Systems
15 Antimatter Loading Port, Forward Tractor Beam Emitter, Ground Hover Footpads


Every starship has a Sweet Spot.  On the USS Ticonderoga the sweet spot will be found is between the forward and aft deterium storage cryo tanks.  Floating near the ceiling


The USS Ticonderoga bridge



Intrepid Class Astrometrics
Astrometrics on the USS Ticonderoga


Intrepid Class Brig
The brig on the USS Ticonderoga.


Intrepid Class Cargobay
One of the cargo bays on the Ticonderoga.


Intrepid Class Executive Officer Office
The office of the Executive Officer.


Intrepid Class Engineering
The Ticonderoga engineering room.


Intrepid Class Captain's Quarters
The Captain’s Quarters on the USS Ticonderoga.


Intrepid Class Laboratory
One of the many laboratories on the Ticonderoga.


Intrepid Class Conference Room
USS Ticonderoga conference room.


Intrepid Class Mess Hall
One of the mess halls on the USS Ticonderoga.


Intrepid Class Morgue
The morgue on the USS Ticonderoga.


Intrepid Class Captain's Readyroom
The Captain’s Readyroom on the Ticonderoga.
An anbo-jytsu ring on the Ticonderoga.


One of the many smaller observation rooms on the ship.
Intrepid Class Sickbay
The USS Ticonderoga sickbay.
A Racquetball (via the Holodeck)
Intrepid Class Transporter Room
One of the transporter rooms on the Ticonderoga.
Springball court (via Holodeck)
One of the holodecks on the USS Ticonderoga.
A secondary cargo bay on the Ticonderoga
A turbolift car used on the Ticonderoga.
Sensor maintenance on the USS Ticonderoga.
The phaser range that can be found on the Ticonderoga.
The USS Ticonderoga has many libraries for use.
Deflector Control on the USS Ticonderoga.
Jefferies tubes are found all over the Ticonderoga.
An example of the corridors on the USS Ticonderoga.
Admiral Stark maintains an office on the Ticonderoga.
The USS Ticonderoga shuttlebay.
Standard crew quarters on the USS Ticonderoga.

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