Online Duty Report

This online duty report form is used by our Executive Officer to keep track of what points you have earned while having fun on the USS Ticonderoga.  There are many things that you can report.  A partial list is posted here under Promotional Merit Points.  This list is not complete so if you feel that you have done something that you can earn credit for, feel free to write it down.

The Executive Officer will then have your Department Chief sign off on the report and then assign you points in the four categories (Participation, Knowledge, Service and Leadership).  A report is then provided to your Department Chief so they can let you know how close you are to your next rank advancement.  If you have any questions about your duty report, feel free to contact your Department Chief or the Ticonderoga’s Executive Officer.

Please enter your first and last name.
Please select your rank from the drop down menu.
If you do not know your current rank or service number, please contact your department chief or the executive officer.
Please enter your email address just in case there are any questions.
For the Month, please select the previous month. For example if it is currently July, you should be submitting a report for June.
If you do not know who your Department Chief is, please contact the Executive Officer.
Enter in any USS Ticonderoga activities that you participated in for the past month.
Enter any departmental activities you participated in for the past month.
Enter any other events you may have participated in for the past month. This can include events from other clubs, conventions, etc.
Report any progress on projects for the USS Ticonderoga, that you are personally working on or a Command Project for command ranks.
Other items to report could include what Star Trek items you have purchased, did you donate anything to the club, did you bring a new recruit to a meeting, did you submit an article to the newsletter, etc.
How did you feel about the last month within the club or within life in general. Tell us about anything new and exciting in your life.
Do you have a question about the club or Star Trek that you would like to have answered by the Command Staff? This could be answered within the newsletter or sent to you personally if needed.
Would you like a copy of this duty report emailed back to you after it has been recorded?

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