The ADVOT (ADVanced Officer Training) sheet is one of the components used in the Seventh Fleet rank advancement system. You can read about the requirements here: or on the Ticonderoga page under the Ranks section.

There are required ADVOTs (sheets selected for you by the Command Staff) and selected ADVOTs (sheets that you choose to complete).  At the higher ranks, the required ADVOTs are handed out individually.  However at the Ensign and Lt (j.g.) ranks we have posted them here (you will notice how easy they are).  The selected ADVOTs are broken down into the various categories they were placed in for easy finding.

Most ADVOTs are worth Knowledge points however some dip into the Participation, Service or Leadership point category.  If you need to confirm your answer, you can contact your Department Chief or a member of the Command Staff.  Once you have all of the answers correct then you can bring it to a Command Grade officer to pass off.  They will ask you three or more questions from the sheet.

It is a good idea to try to concentrate on the areas that you found lacking durring the Academy Exam.  So if you could not remember character names or alien races, you may want to look into those particular ADVOTs.  If you need any suggestions or if you have any questions, feel free to contact your Department Chief or a member of the Command Staff.

NOTE: These sheets are for use by members of the USS Ticonderoga and the Seventh Fleet.

REQUIRED ADVOTs Required sheets for advancement
SELECTED ADVOTs: Actors Sheets with trivia about Star Trek actors
SELECTED ADVOTs: Aliens Test your knowledge on different aliens
SELECTED ADVOTs: Books What do you know about the Star Trek books
SELECTED ADVOTs: Characters Covering the topic of Star Trek characters
SELECTED ADVOTs: Cultures Test yourself on different alien cultures
SELECTED ADVOTs: Episodes Watch the episode and answer the questions
SELECTED ADVOTs: Fun These sheets are just fun
SELECTED ADVOTs: General Science Covering real life science
SELECTED ADVOTs: General Trivia Trivia sheets that cover everything
SELECTED ADVOTs: Leadership Sheets that deal with leadership training
SELECTED ADVOTs: Newsletter Help the newsletter, complete merit sheets
SELECTED ADVOTs: Organization Organization setup within Star Trek
SELECTED ADVOTs: Participation Participate in the fun, get the credit on an ADVOT
SELECTED ADVOTs: Planets Covering the topic of Star Trek planets and systems
SELECTED ADVOTs: Production Learn about the behind the scenes of the Star Trek production
SELECTED ADVOTs: Quotes Famous quotes from Star Trek
SELECTED ADVOTs: Seventh Fleet What do you know about the Seventh Fleet
SELECTED ADVOTs: Ships Cover your knowledge of Star Trek ships here
SELECTED ADVOTs: Titles Learn the titles to Star Trek episodes

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