Command Department

USS Ticonderoga Command Combadge


P1310196Name (Character Name): Captain Erica Stark (Surya Arani)
Position: Commanding Officer
Joined: November 1997
Occupation: Lunch Lady
Favorite Trek Series: Star Trek Voyager
Character Species: Bajoran/Betazoid
Name (Character Name): Lieutenant Commander Dave Stock (Dave Stock)
Position: Executive Officer
Joined: May 1996
Occupation: Business Online Banker
Favorite Trek Series: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Character Species: Orion
JoeColflesh_headshotName (Character Name): Lt. Joe Colflesh (TBA)
Position: Commanding Officer, USS St. Lawrence
Joined: Transferred from USS Atlantis
Occupation: TBA
Favorite Trek Series: TBA
Character Species: TBA
JeffSullivanName (Character Name): Lt. Jeff Sullivan (TheeAngosian)
Position: Strategic Operations Officer
Joined: June 1997
Occupation: Project Manager
Favorite Trek Series: Star Trek: The Original Series
Character Species: Angosian

Name (Character Name): Rear Admiral Carl Stark (Carl Stark)
Position: Chief of Fleet Operations/Fleet Liaison
Joined: September 1991 (USS Kelly)
Occupation: IT
Favorite Trek Series: All of them
Character Species: Human


The following is a list of the duties and responsibilities of the Command Department. Changes can be made as the situation demands. These duties and responsibilities are not all inclusive.

  1. The Commanding Officer and the Command Staff will have fun.
  2. The Commanding Officer reports directly to the Commander in Chief of the Seventh Fleet.
  3. The Commanding Officer is responsible to keep the members of the entire ship active and involved by planning interesting and diverse activities, and informing the crew through the Senior Officers of activities and events. This includes creating departmental and command projects, making assignments, and solving problems and concerns.
  4. The Commanding Officer may appoint an Executive Officer, Second Officer, Strategic Operations Officer, Yeoman, or any other officer to assist with these duties. The Commanding Officer will need to report all such promotions, positions, and ranks to the Commander in Chief of the Seventh Fleet.
  5. The Commanding Officer will hold a Senior Officer’s Meeting once per month. An agenda will be created beforehand, addressing salient points of information, activity details, concerns within and without the ship and all other tasks, duties, and problems that involve their crew, ship and anything they might be involved with or in. If that person cannot attend then a replacement (typically the Executive Officer) will need to be assigned (age 16 or older) from the Command Staff to go in the Commanding Officer’s stead and report back.
  6. At the Senior Officer’s Meeting the Commanding Officer will receive reports on departmental meetings, activities, and projects. The Commanding Officer will collect crewmember monthly duty reports and any proposals that are turned in and return previous reports with the crewmembers latest gains towards rank advancement.
  7. The Commanding Officer can collect money for the ship’s funds. This money would then be turned over to the Executive Officer. Money should be collected in an envelope with the crewmember’s name, address, total amount included and what the money is for.
  8. The Commanding Officer will also coordinate with each of the Department chiefs and his Command Staff to see that all activities are a credit to the ship and the crew. This includes setting due dates and making inquiries to the crew and chiefs regarding planning, execution and details.
  9. The primary duty of the Command Staff is to maintain the smooth operation of the ship, the continued growth of the crew and set an example for everyone to follow.
  10. The Command Staff will keep a running list of all ships seen, used or mentioned in Star Trek. The members of the department are encouraged to develop knowledge of the ships and ship classes used in Star Trek. This list will be made available for the crew to help in research and study. This could also be displayed on a departmental web page to be linked to the Main web page. (Presently being developed.)
  11. The Command Staff is encouraged to find any and all information about the actors (William Shatner, Patrick Stewart, Avery Brooks, Kate Mulgrew, Scott Bakula, etc.) that are connected with the Command department or the characters (Kirk, Picard, Sisko, Janeway, Archer, etc.) they portrayed. The department members may join their fan clubs and keep the rest of the ship informed as to the activities thereof.
  12. The Command Staff is responsible to submit an article for each newsletter.
  13. Any additional duties as deemed necessary by the Commander in Chief Seventh Fleet.

Proud chapter of Starfleet Command's Seventh Fleet