Ticonderoga crew 2014 Admiral’s Banquet

Meet The Crew:

   One of the many strengths of the USS Ticonderoga is her crew.  Known for the many friendships created, you will never be able to walk away without at least someone trying to make you feel welcome.  We all know that we were once strangers who came together because of their love of Star Trek and found a new family.  It may seem a little strange at first, but as many have grown to learn, that here are people who really care about fellow Star Trek fans.  Together the crew of the Ticonderoga has expanded our love of Star Trek and helped our community in many service activities.

   For various photos of our crewmembers at different events, see our Photo Archive section.  To meet the members of a department, click on Departments.  There is also an option to submit an Online Duty Report.  The winners of our previous Crewmembers of the Month are listed here as well.  Various news sources have reported on our crewmembers and these have been posted on the In The News section.

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