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Changes in store at next meeting

Greetings!  This week brings our general monthly meeting for November.  As has been hinted at, there are some exciting changes coming for the ship and the fleet.   The official announcement will be made at the meeting, and then will be disseminated afterward.  In anticipation of this announcement, we will have some special guests joining us.  Please come and be among the first to hear the exciting news, and give our guests a warm Ticonderoga welcome.   The meeting will be at our traditional spot: Ogden library auditorium, 7 pm.  Bring a friend and something for show and tell.

October Ticonderoga meeting and RPG report

Just a quick reminder, the next USS Ticonderoga meeting will be on Wednesday the 13th at 7:00pm.  This will be at our usual spot at the Weber County Library on 25th and Jefferson in Ogden.   Don’t forget to bring a show-n-tell and a friend.  Do we want to go out for dinner afterwards?

Also we held our last USS Ticonderoga RPG earlier this month.  The question I want to know from everyone is what would you do when the announcement came over the speakers that we have accidentally entered Romulan space?  We had a massive overload of power get dumped into the engines and we had to eject the primary warp core to stop.  Unfortunately we still careened into enemy territory and we now have a Romulan fleet racing towards our position.  On top of that we still have the unknown entity that has been taking over Vulcans and causing the technical problems.

So what would your character do?

September Ticonderoga meeting on the 8th

The second Wednesday is coming up very soon.  Our September USS Ticonderoga Monthly Meeting will be held on Wednesday the 8th at 7:00pm.  We will be meeting at the Weber County Library-Main Auditorium in the basement.  This is the library at 25th and Jefferson in Ogden.  This meeting is open to anyone who wishes to attend or find out  more about our club.  We will have various announcements, information on upcoming events and we will be passing out awards and promotions.  We will be having a discussion on what our September activity will be so this is your chance to comment on the various options.  We look forward to seeing everyone.  Don’t forget to bring your Star Trek show-in-tell items and I’d love to see everyone bring their Seventh Fleet Olympic medals.

August meeting report

Yesterday we had twenty people show up for the monthly USS Ticonderoga meeting.  We had some new people show up to check out the club so we all introduced ourselves.  Everyone also gave positive reviews to Lt. Dave Stock as July’s Acting Captain of the Month. 

We discussed the upcoming Seventh Fleet Olympics on Saturday,  August 21 (a week from Saturday).  This will be held at Chapel Park in Layton (152 South 900 East).  This will start at 10:00am and run until 6:00pm.  Feel free to bring your own lunch (there are also a couple of fast food places nearby).  Just be prepared to haul out what you bring in since there are no garbage cans at the park.  We will post the schedule on a future blog entry.  There will also be a fleet fundraiser where you can throw a pie/balloon/TBA at Captain Stark or Captain Rouviere for $1 a shot.

The original event planned for September fell through.  So we asked the crew if they had any suggestions.  There was a suggestion of a BBQ while watching some of the Star Trek movies.  We love this idea but we would need a place to hold it.  Anyone have any suggestions?

We also discussed the invitation from the USS Pioneer.  They are taking a Labor Day weekend camping trip to Dead Horse Point, Utah.  If you are interested in going, please let Captain Stark know.  The paintball event Aliens in the Rockies will be held on September 17-18.  The entry for this is $50 and a few Seventh Fleet members have attended this in the past.

October may be a busy month for us.  First we are looking at returning to Wendover on another Fun Bus trip (possibly the first Saturday of the month).  The USS Kelly is looking at going on a Voyager Simulator trip (date TBA) and we still want to do a Ghost Hunting tour of Ogden.  At the end of the month Crewman Hollie Caudell is hosting the USS Ticonderoga Halloween party.

As discussed before, we have a proposal to charter a bus to Starfest in April 2011.  If you are interested in doing this, please let Captain Stark know.  Right now we are just getting a general interest count before proceeding.   Details on Starfest can be found at

We have several options for new Starfleet uniforms.  Hollie Caudell and her mother are willing to put uniforms together.  We also have the options of getting uniforms from Captain Burns of the USS Ursa Major and Captain Trowbridge of the USS Rendezvous.  Captain Stark plans to have a new uniform done in time for the Admiral’s Banquet in January.  If you are interested in getting a Star Trek uniform (remember there are extra points and a merit sheet for getting one) please let Captain Stark know.

We also discussed our community service projects.  We haven’t been able to get to our Adopt-A-Highway sections on I-15 due to the construction that is currently happening between Layton and Kaysville.  With the way things are looking, we won’t be able to do any Adopt-A-Highway until 2011.  We’ve also been in contact with our local PBS station KUED.  We may be able to help out with one of the upcoming pledge drives in November or December.  Hopefully it will be a pledge drive for Doctor Who or Red Dwarf and something we can do in uniform.  As we get details we will pass them onto the crew.

The crew listed off the parts of the new website that they have used the most.  The Spirit Guide section was brought up.  The availability of the ADVOTs for downloading.  A lot of people liked the Online Duty Report Form.  There was a request for down loadable Ticonderoga business cards so that the crew can use them to help promote the club.  We are still making improvements to the site and would love to hear your feedback.

Captain Stark read off an entry from the recent USS Retributor RPG session where an assassination attempt was made on Captain Rouviere.  We discussed when to hold the upcoming Ticonderoga RPG and the need for game masters to help out Captain Rouviere.  If you need help with your character, please let Captain Stark know.

Crewman Ivan Podwys of the Security Department was awarded the Crewmember of the Month for his efforts in scheduling Simulator Missions in Pleasant Grove.  Congratulations Ivan!!!

The September meeting will be on Wednesday the 8th at the Weber County Library Auditorium at 7:00pm.

Upcoming USS Ticonderoga meeting on August 11th

The second Wednesday is coming up on the 11th.  That means it is time once again for the monthly USS Ticonderoga crew meeting.  This will be held at the Weber County Library (25th and Jefferson) at 7:00pm in the basement auditorium.  This meeting is open to anyone who wishes to find out more about the club and what we do.  We will be discussing some of the upcoming events including the Seventh Fleet Olympics hosted by the USS Retributor this month in Layton.  There will also be several awards and other commendations.  Several crewmembers have attended some summer conventions and we will be hearing from them as well.

Just a side note, we still need an activity for September as some of our other options have fallen through.  If you have any idea, bring it to the meeting and the crew can discuss it.

News from Seventh Fleet Council meeting

Over the weekend the USS Ticonderoga hosted the quarterly Seventh Fleet Council Meeting.  Representatives from the USS Atlantis, USS Kelly, USS Rendezvous, USS Retributor and USS Ursa Major were also in attendance.  Captain Marla Trowbridge from the USS Rendezvous conducted the meeting. 

Some of the highlights from the agenda include the new meeting protocol (that we were currently experimenting with), the role of Admiral Hollinger and the format of the new Commanding Officer Exams (Admiral Hollinger had samples of the new test).  The new exams will make it easier for potential command grade officers to prepare for the upcoming test.  We have at least 6-7 upcoming officers who are ready to take the exam now. 

Captain Rouviere from the USS Retributor discussed the upcoming Seventh Fleet Olympics (which they are hosting) on Saturday, August 21 in Layton, Utah.  If you wish to partake of the catered lunch the money ($5/adults $2/kids)  is due by August 7th.  This is not a requirement to participate and you can bring your own lunch if you would like, but just remember that with no garbage service in the park you will need to haul out your own trash.   There is also a special T-Shirt that can be printed up for the Olympics.  The costs and samples are posted on the Seventh Fleet website under the quartermaster section.  The due date for these are also on August 7th.  Captain Rouviere also discussed the upcoming Seventh Fleet/Star Trek RPG campaigns that they are willing to run for the various chapters.  He then provided some of the Seventh Fleet RPG manuals to the commanding officers.  The last item covered by Captain Rouviere was the upcoming list of Seventh Fleet protocols.

Captain Stark from the USS Ticonderoga discussed the new Captain’s Mailing list.  It was decided to allow the Executive Officers/Second Officers access to the mailing list as well.  An update on the Seventh Fleet website was provided (and updates are still ongoing).  There is also a proposal currently being investigated by the Ticonderoga to see if 50-56 Seventh Fleet members and friends would be willing to charter a bus to Starfest in Denver next April.  The estimated cost on this would be between $80-100 per person.

Captain Corr from the USS Atlantis had reported their fundraising efforts at the recent Relay for Life in Idaho.  They were excited to have their first rank advancement in the Seventh Fleet system.  They also extended several invitations to Utah members to attend some of their upcoming events including the club’s 13th Anniversary and the Atlantian Race.

Captain Trowbridge of the USS Rendezvous brought up ideas with quarterly minutes and fleet information.  She also discussed sharing the cost of lunches provided by the hosting chapter.

The next quarterly meeting will be in October and will be hosted by the USS Atlantis.  The USS Ticonderoga will be the conducting party.

USS Ticonderoga meeting on July 14

The second Wednesday is approaching on July 14 and it is time once again for the USS Ticonderoga meeting.  We will be meeting at the Weber County Library on 25th and Jefferson.  Head to the basement meeting rooms by 7:00pm.  Our socialization time will take place in the classroom.  Then we will be moving over to the main auditorium for a special presentation on the movie screen.  Acting Captain Dave Stock will be presiding the meeting and we have some new orders and rank advancements to present.  We have our largest attendance at these meetings so this would be the best time to bring in a friend as a possible recruit.

After Action Report: June Meeting

Here is a note from the Executive Officer about the June USS  Ticonderoga meeting:

Greetings, Crew!
     Many thanks to those of you who braved the rain to join us at our little picnic.  We had fun, and lots of kids got wet.  =)
To those of you who participated in the Ticonderoga RPG run for us by the USS Retributor, please send me your mission logs.  (If you played one of the pre-made characters and can’t recall your character’s name, son;t worry about it.)  Tell me what you did, and please indicate where you left off.  =)  I intend to compile all of them and we will use them to bring everyone up to speed when we have our next game session.  I don’t know yet when that will be.  As soon as it can be coordinated, I will let you all know.  =)
      Many thanks also to Capt. Rex Rouviere and the crew of the Retributor for running the game, and playing with us. =)
-=/\=- Erica Stark  _/\_
X.O., U.S.S. Ticonderoga

Additional notes: Congratulations go out to Lt. (j.g.) Tim Madden for being named June Crewmember of the Month.  Tim has worked hard for several years on the USS  Ticonderoga website and will be missed when he moves his family to Nebraska this summer.  Also we had orders given out to a new crewmember, a recruit returned for her second meeting (and will receive her orders next month).  We also had a new recruit show up to check us out (he was brought by a friend who will earn 10 Leadership Points for him when he receives his orders) .  I also wanted to welcome the crewmembers who had not been to to a meeting in years.  It was good to see you.

Captain Carl Stark

USS Ticonderoga Monthly Meeting on June 9th

This Wednesday, June 9th, we will be holding our next USS Ticonderoga monthly meeting.  We always hold our regular monthly meeting on the Second Wednesday of the month.  Normally we would be meeting at the Weber County Library-Main Branch on 25th and Jefferson in Ogden.  However with the nice weather upon us we decided to hold the meeting at Lester Park right next to the library.   Instead of meeting at 7:00pm we will be meeting at 6:30pm at the pavilion next to the playground.  The kids can run and play while we eat (bring your own dinner) and hold the meeting.  At the meeting we give out orders, commendations and rank advancements.  The group also discusses upcoming events and participates in the planning for the club.  We also have a special event planned at this meeting.  Bring a friend and come by to have fun.