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USS Ticonderoga Roster Update

USSTiconderogaCrew Hello again, everyone.  I hope the rest of your week went well. It was wonderful to see so many of you at the meeting, and I’m loving the energy and excitement.

As some of you may have noticed, we have spent some time updating the crew roster here on the website.  Now, we need some help from you.

Some of our information is outdated, some is outright missing, and many of our pictures are outdated.  (We are working on getting the updated photos from this year’s Fleet Banquet, for those who were in attendance.)

We need you to check the information that is posted, and send corrections if needed.

We need to know your position aboard ship. Encryption specialist? Chief turboflush technician? Assistant torpedo polisher?

Also, if you have an updated headshot (and weren’t at the banquet), please send it to us so we don’t have so many generic shadows.

Keep in mind, if you haven’t been to a club meeting or activity in over a year, you have been removed from the active-duty roster.  There’s an easy way to fix that – come to an event.

A couple reminders for upcoming activities:

Saturday, March 15 – Munchkin tournament at HaJoMaJe games in Kaysville.

Saturday, March 22, 6 – 10 pm – Star Trek Deckbuilding demo at Starbase 40.

For all my senior staff – Saturday, March 22, 3 – 6 pm – Senior Officers’ meeting at Starbase 40.

Thank you, all, for your contributions. Let’s make 2014 the year the Tico comes soaring back.

*Update* USS Ticonderoga Monthly Meeting and More

MDA_ShamrockGreetings, Crew!  It’s been a wild couple of months, but I think we’re past the uncertainty now.  The meeting tomorrow, March 12, 7 p.m., will be held in the auditorium at the Roy library.  1950 w. 4800 s., Roy Utah.  UTA bus route 640 has a stop just up the street.  Please remember to bring any show-and-tell items that you may have.

Now for the “and more”.  We are in the month of March, and at many stores and restaurants, you will see the MDA shamrocks pictured above.  These are a good way to get service points, if you are in need of some for your next rank advancement.  The green shamrocks are $1.00, the gold shamrocks are $5.00, and you get a service point for each dollar that you spend.  Now for the fine print.  You have to sign the card with “USS Ticonderoga: Star Trek Fan Club”, and you have to put on your duty report the location it is displayed.   This also counts for the similar fundraisers by Children’s Miracle Network and Primary Children’s Center.

Within the Seventh Fleet, 2014 has been dedicated as the Year of Challenges.  Is there some goal that you are working on for this year? It can be something personal; (losing weight, going back to school, starting a business, etc.,) or something to do with fandom; (Gaining a certain rank by the end of the year, reading a set amount of Star Trek books, putting together a scale model of the fleet, etc.)  I, myself, am working toward attaining the rank of full commander* by the end of the year.  Is there a goal you’ve set, that will probably require stepping out of your comfort zones, that you’d like to be supported in attaining?  We’re looking at putting together a “cheer leader” team, for lack of a better description.  We’ll be brainstorming some ideas for that group, along with updating you on all of the upcoming activities.

*As an aside, once I reach that rank and am fully certified by the Seventh Fleet Admiralty Board, we will be able to choose a new ship.  What class would  you like to see become the Ticonderoga-A?  Something to think about.

Hope to see you all there!