Fake Star Trek script warning

Author/scriptwriter David Gerrold wrote several books and scripts for the different Star Trek series.  If you do not know his name, I’d suggest clicking on the link in this post and read about his various contributions to our favorite series.

David posted this warning on his Facebook wall and asked that we pass on the information:  “All right, all Star Trek fans — PLEASE SHARE THIS INFORMATION. There is an “unproduced Star Trek script” being sold on eBay and at conventions, ostensibly written by DC Fontana. It is a phony. It is called “Stars Of Sargasso” and is about Joanna McCoy, and is credited to DC Fontana, intended for TOS Season 4. DC Fontana says it is fake. She never wrote any such script.” (end of quote from David)

This fake script has been put on the internet if you really would like to read it.  You can find the story here.