Caption Contest #1

This is the first of many caption contests we will post on the USS Ticonderoga website.  We will post an unusual image and invite anyone to post a comment with what you think the funniest caption should be.  Winners will be announced in a future post.

Here is the first photo for captioning.

Good luck to all of the entries.  We are looking forward to seeing them.

21 thoughts on “Caption Contest #1”

  1. Were is everyone ? I called for a senior staff meeting and noone has showed up

  2. *sniffle* Nobody wanted… to come… to my… birthday party… SPOCKKKKKK!!!!! BONESSSSS!!! SCOTTYYYYY!!!! *sniffle*

  3. “Well this is awkward. Did I say Briefing room at 6 at 7:00 or Briefing room 7 at 6:00?”

  4. This one is from Aurora:
    “Work is soooo boring. Where are the Klingons when you need ’em?”

  5. We have a special judge who will be looking over the entries later today. He will be determining a winner at that time. If you have an entry you would like to put in, get it in now.

  6. Lt. Cmdr Galen Anderson the CO of the USS Mystic was our guest judge for this contest. He sent me the following.

    The funniest is, “Maybe I should have brought doughnuts…”


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